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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Design Custom Software Solutions for Your Business
MIO offers a full in-house array of IT services. All development of software is done exclusively with source code proprietary to Mio. IT services from design, coding, Q&A, testing, implementation, and deployment are handled internally. Mio offers full-service solutions to IT projects and manages ongoing technology on behalf of clients. Security standards and regulations are strictly complied to avoid a client data breach. Every program that MIO undertakes is completely customized to the requirements of the client. From design to testing and implementation, our business software solutions are developed by a dedicated and experienced team of professionals committed to the success of every project.

Processing Software & Support

When business processes are streamlined to eliminate system mistakes and streamline daily operations, organizations operate more effectively and efficiently. MIO has vast experience in creating and developing specialized processing software that will increase organizational effectiveness and streamline your daily operations. From the beginning stages of design to testing and implementation, a committed development team will collaborate with you. We offer assistance, instruction, and thorough documentation to help you make the most of your program.

Automate Warehousing & Distribution

Effective warehouse automation and distribution services are essential to a company's overall performance and success. For secure inventory storage, retrieval, handling, and distribution, MIO offers specialized automated warehouse software and distribution systems. We oversee and carry out the entire process and give you 24/7 access to real-time data and inventories. MIO has the know-how to provide the warehouse services that your company needs thanks to cutting-edge technology and considerable experience managing large-scale initiatives and new release product launches.

Program Management

A new program's implementation might be intimidating and disruptive to regular business operations. To guarantee a smooth transition, program management services walk clients through each stage of a new project. At MIO, as soon as a program is accepted, we designate a team to manage every stage of the project to ensure a smooth implementation. We will handle every aspect of your project, from concept to implementation, to assure its success.

Data Storage & Retention

With the amount of data that businesses handle today, effective data management and storage procedures are essential to managing and safeguarding sensitive data. The service level agreement (SLA) and data retention policy we offer at MIO are tailored to your particular company requirements. We abide by the strongest governance guidelines while processing data, making sure to receive, store, and destroy any information securely and in accordance with your particular requirements.

Accessible Document Compliance AODA

MIO has a dedicated team of accredited experts to help identify communication barriers within organizations to facilitate individuals with disabilities. We have developed solutions for reviewing policies, procedures, contracts, charts, and other documentations to ensure all communications are legally compliant as required by law. Text and graphics must be distinguishable and incorporate easy to understand layouts – as well as include simple navigation that makes screen reading software more effective.

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