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Digital Services

A Web service is any software, application or cloud technology system built for interoperable machine-to-machine or application-to-application interaction over a network. They allow different applications to seamlessly communicate and share data with each other.


Over 20 years of providing corporate fulfillment to our business partners, Mio has built and refined extensive reporting capabilities. Mio’s processor reports not only confirm individual file runs are completed to expectations; they also capture historical information to allow in-depth analysis to help better understand and respond to the needs of each program. You can run real-time 24/7 standard reports directly from our customizable MIO web-based platform. Custom report building is also available. The records are stored for a length of time that is determined by the client. Once the retention cycle has ended, MIO hard deletes the records and provides confirmation of the deletion.

Digital E-Processor

Mio will create a custom processor for you with an in-built defined logic that will match with the expected output. The processor will do all the complex calculations to give out desired permutations and combinations. The records in the datafile will get processed through Mio Data Processing System (MDPS) and will get mapped to relevant templates as defined through conditional actions and workflows. Weather John Sample should receive his PDF attachment with dental card benefit or he should receive his e-cards along with a claim form is defined within MIO’s digital processor. Now you wont need to manually create PDF’s and do mail merge.

Send emails
Want to give membership cards to your devoted consumers or insurance cards to your clients? Utilize Mio's email platform to send white labelled emails with the template and body of the email that you desire. All emails have been designed to display properly on various screen widths and are password-protected using datafile-derived logic. What's more? Choose to send emails in bunches or at the best time of day when your recipients are actively checking their inboxes.
Land in the inbox
These days, anybody can send emails. What makes us unique? Mio will make sure that the right procedure is followed in addition to sending digital packages via emails. It's crucial to reduce bounce backs and get emails ready for inboxes. This is achieved by running all email IDs through our verification tool, validating email body formats, and most crucially, doing all of this without compromising the reputation of the IP address. Email deliverability is guaranteed by IP warming and reputation.
Measure success (email analytics & email logs)
Email sent. What’s next? Email campaign insights shouldn’t be buried under a mountain of meaningless metrics. Mio will provide the in-depth summary report of the executed digital package. Successful deliveries, bounce backs with an explanation, emails blocked and more. It doesn’t end here, Mio will also provide with the analytics to view the email program based on opens, clicks, or other engagement metrics. When used together, logs and analytics will give a complete view of an email from start to finish.

Special Handling

Sometimes one standard fulfillment package is not enough. Maybe you have a client group who needs different documents included in their packages, defined by the membership level, corporate department, or region. Maybe you want to include several custom documents inside the member package, like buck slips, enrolment forms, or return envelopes. Maybe you just want to make sure that the group’s administration office receives all packages by expedited courier. By providing the group’s unique identifiers and uploading the required document templates, you can fully customize what a package looks like, where the package is supposed to ship, and how it has to be sent there. You can even target an individual member; anything is possible through using the Special Handling application!

Secure Doc & messaging

At MIO, we have developed a thorough secure document exchange and communication solution that guards sensitive data and significantly lowers fraud for your company. This state-of-the-art solution accelerates production and makes it possible for crucial documents to be shared more quickly and securely. Password protect your communication and documents before sending out, auto destruction of information after defined number of hours with high 256 bit encryption, view and comment on the documents are some of the key features.


Are you trying to make your business more cost-effective and environmentally friendly? The same content can be produced and distributed digitally, saving on printing and shipping, rather than producing hundreds of thousands of hard copies of kits. The data processing mechanism at MIO will convert the actual kits into digital ones. Each piece can be personalized to the same degree of precision, individuality, and excellence. Opt-in for quick electronic delivery which will save you substantial recurring costs of printing, separating, matching with letter, stuffing, and postage. There is virtually no limit as to the type of e-kits that MIO can produce.

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